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a posse ad esse

Following the Beckett/Teyla relationship, as the title says, "from possibility to reality".

Size: 7mb
Duration: 2:29 minutes
Music: Theme From Harry's Game by Clannad
Clips: seasons 1 + 2 and up to 3x13


Be A Man

The non-military types are on the hard path to becoming men under John Sheppard's leadership. Humour vid.

Size: 6.62mb
Duration: 3:25
Music: a song from Mulan (guess which one)
Clips: Season 1 + up to 2x11 I think


Better Man

The Pegasus Galaxy has shaped Rodney McKay and it has slowly made him a better man. Some McWeir. One of my really early vids so very, very dodgy.

Size: 6.62mb
Duration: 3:21 minutes
Music: Better Man by Robbie Williams
Clips: Season 1


Black Tie

Black and white vid of Paul McGillion. Some people have been known to say this vid channels 1940's P.I. Carson Beckett. ;)

Size: 8.7 mb
Duration: 1:17 mins
Music: 1940s track from Monopoly Tycoon
Clips: SGA's "Intruder", "Duet", "The Return Pt 1", "Sunday", Smallville's "Insurgence" and SG1's "Torment of Tantalus".


Cultural Differences
A Pocahontas take on the sheyla ship, made for the 1 minute vid competition on Kawoosh. 

Size: 6mb
Duration: 0:59 minutes
Music: Listen With Your Heart from the Disney Pocahontas movieClips: seasons 1 + 2 and up to 3x10


Danger Zone

Everyone on Atlantis has to go into the danger zone at some point. Action vid involving all the gang.

Size: 6.69mb
Duration: 3:31 minutes
Music: Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins
Clips: Season 2 up to 2x12 I think


Easy, Chewie

A fast paced vid on the guy with the worst table manners and people skills. The guy with the bad reputation is Ronon Dex! Hints of Ronon/Teyla One of my earlier vids, so dodgy clips.

Size: 6.46mb
Duration: 2:25
Music: Bad Repuation by Half-Cocked
Clips: 2x03-2x05


John Sheppard: Intergalactic Playboy

John Sheppard has his many conquests and he truly is an intergalactic play boy. Sheppard/Teyla, Sheppard/Weir, Sheppard/Chaya. Humour vid, one of my earlier vids with some dodgy clips.

Size: 7.37mb
Duration: 2:41 minutes
Music: The Wanderer by Dion
Clips: Season 1 + 2x08


Keller/Woolsey Mini-vid
A fragile relationship questioned by others and themselves. Not to be taken too seriously. ;) Spoilers for 5x02!
Size: 4.42mb
Duration: 1:19 minutes
Music: Gravity of Love by Enigma
Clips: SGA 5x02 - "The Seed"


Love Duet

The duet of a relationship, including their touching moments and the moments in between. Beckett/Cadman vid. Some clips are dodgy, but the vid has a nice feel.

Size: 7mb
Duration: 1:57 minutes
Music: Now We Are All Free by Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerarrd
Clips: 2x04, 2x13


On the Drug

Souped up on the delightful Wraith enzyme, anyone can go a little loopy. Or start writhing in pain. Either one. Not really humour, but I guess it's not entirely serious. Dedicated to PapaCaz who suggested the song.

Size: 6.51mb
Duration: 2:30 minutes
Music: (He'll Never Be An)Ol' Man River by TISM
Clips: Season 2 up to 2x12 I think


Our Journey Begins

The journey of a relationship as it grows. Beckett/Teyla, mostly sweet with some angst in the middle. This vid took the least amount of time I have ever spent on a vid and I consider it one of my best. Mostly clips from Critical Mass, some The Siege.

Size: 6.56mb
Duration: 2:36
Music: Beyond the Night by Rachel Luttrell
Clips: Season 1 + 2x13



Beckett/Teyla. She should have told him how she felt, before it was too late. Sad vid.

Size: 6.06 mb
Duration: 1:12 mins
Music: Kopano Part III by Hans Zimmer
Clips: seasons 1 + 2 and up to 3x18


Sail Away

The many 'ships in the city of Atlantis. Fluff ship vid - Sheppard/Teyla, McKay/Weir, Beckett/Cadman and Beckett/Chair (a seriously underappreciated ship!)

Size: 6.60mb
Duration: 3:49 minutes
Music: Sail Away by Enya
Clips: Season 1 + up to 2x13

NB: It is imperative that you RIGHT CLICK & SAVE AS this link.


Sexy Beckett

If it isn't already obvious, this vid is a pointless 5 minutes of Beckett. Great song and inspired by Late Nights With Elly And Caz. Random 'ship AND ship clips. An earlier vid of mine so dodgy clips are present.

Size: 6.44 mb
Time: 5 mins
Music: Sexy Boy by Air
Clips: Season 1 + up to 2x08

NB: A pointless vid!


She's My Boss

Rodney thinks Elizabeth is so high above him and he feels he can never have her. Meanwhile, she waits and watches. McWeir vid. Some say this is angst.

Size: 6.61mb
Duration: 3:48 minutes
Music: She's So High by Everclear
Clips: Season 1 + up to 2x13

NB: It is imperative that you RIGHT CLICK & SAVE AS this link.

Download (right click)

Sheyla Jukebox

The proud owner of the Sheyla Jukebox presents the vid of the very same name. Unlock the jukebox and do yourself a favour.

Size: 800kb
Duration: 29 seconds
Music: Ant Music by Adam and the Ants
Clips: Season 1 + up to 2x08

NB: This vid does not lean towards shweir at all, please note the line of the song during that clip.


Someone Else
Carson Beckett's clone may look the same, but he's not what people expect him to be. He finds only pain and failure when trying to match up to the original. SEASON 5 SPOILERS.

Size: 8.58mb
Duration: 3:40 minutes
Music: Hurt by Johnny Cash
Clips: 3x02, 4x19, 5x02, 5x07 (mostly - with flashbacks to other episodes)


High Quality Download (32 mb)



My first ever vid was a source of great pride to me. Theme was space and explosions, a bad decision considering the quality of my clips. However, it was to be unrivalled by any of my vids for a while.

Size: 5.67mb
Duration: 4:09 minutes
Music: Spaceman by Babylon Zoo
Clips: Season 1


Spaceman 2.0

The sequel to Spaceman, this vid brings better clips and better editing to the first vid I ever made. A fitting tribute to my original attempt, although some may prefer the first one. Theme is still space and explosions.

Size: 6.62mb
Duration: 4:05 minutes
Music: Spaceman by Babylon Zoo
Clips: Season 2 up to 2x12


To Reach The Stars

Tribute to Carson Beckett.

Size: 7.07 mb
Duration: 2:19 mins
Music: One third of The Man of La Mancha Medley as sung by Scott Bakula on Quantum Leap
Clips: seasons 1 + 2 and up to 3x17



Poor Carson, passed around like some toy. BeckettEveryone vid, including the chair.
Inspiration from...
Question 39: If you were to pick a song for someone to make a fanvideo of you, what would that song be? And why?
Paul McGillion: Like a Virgin -- need I say more? Oh, poor Carson.

Size: 10mb
Duration: 3:08 minutes
Music: Like A Virgin by Madonna

Clips: seasons 1 + 2 and up to 3x14, also "Paul McGillion profile"


Weird Science

Catch the dangerous duo in action as they meddle with nature and prize science over life. They seem innocent enough, but they have a hidden agenda. Introducing Evil!Rodney and Evil!Beckett. Humour vid, I think.

Size: 6.66 mb (hmm, how odd)
Duration: 3:52 minutes
Music: Weird Science by Oingo Boingo
Clips: Season 1 + up to 2x12


Welcome to the Foodchain

The Wraith sure love their food. Supper with the top of the foodchain, anyone?

Size: 4.35mb
Duration: 1:33 minutes
Music: If I'm Gonna Eat Somebody (It May As Well Be You) by Tone-Loc (yes the song is from FernGully)
Clips: Season 1 + up to 2x09 I think



John Sheppard spends his time watching and wishing...and so does Teyla. Sheyla vid, angst I guess.

Size: 6.24mb
Duration: 2:09 minutes
Music: Wishing by A Flock of Seagulls
Clips: Season 1 + up to 2x08


Chips, dips, chains and whips. I mean. Hi!