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The vids here are of low quality because this is an archive and I needed them to fit. If you like or dislike them, please feel free to Swipe Your Library Card
IMPORTANT - for all links simply listed as "Download", PLEASE  right click, save as...or my bandwith will die.

The majority of my videos, most of them some sort of ship or Beckett-centric. [25 vids]
Only one so far - a Jonas/Ayiana vid from 6x04 "Frozen". [1 vid]
Most of these are Billy/Penny with a couple of gen. [8 vids]
The squee of Don/Judy shippiness. [1 vid]
Angsty with some ship - Margot/Lamont. Features Alec Baldwin - groan! But try it. =) [2 vids]
One of my fav movies, brought to you by Peter Jackson and Michael J. Fox. :D [1 vid]
Primarily shippy Michael/Bonnie. [2 vids]
Action-based vids for the defunct and unaired Young MacGyver, starring Jared Padalecki. [2 vids]

Chips, dips, chains and whips. I mean. Hi!